Pieter Groenewald Sends A Warning Message To Malema and President-elect Ramaphosa

Strongly worded  messages  have been sent to both president  Cyril Ramaphosa and EFF Julius Malema.

Now that the elections are over, political parties will be focusing on those they will be sending to parliament. Leader of the Freedom Front Plus Pieter Groenewald said his party will continue the fight against land expropriation without compensation.

The FF Plus secured extra 6 seats from their previous 4 making it 10, while the EFF gained extra 19 to make it 44 from their previous 25 seats.

If you’re an opposition party, whether you got 10 seats or 84 seats, it doesn’t matter, if you don’t have the majority you cannot stop expropriation without compensation,” Groenewald who was speaking after the official announcement of election results in Pretoria.

“The Freedom Front Plus launched specific action, for instance, we already laid a charge at United Nations Human Rights Council. We have submitted partition in parliament.”

Groenewald said his party will fight the ANC and the EFF, who both hold a combined two-thirds majority if they want to change the constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation.


One thought on “Pieter Groenewald Sends A Warning Message To Malema and President-elect Ramaphosa”

  1. While we have seats in Parliament . What gonna happen in Kzn legislature , due to IFP Anc Eff are much more than two thirds .

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