Police vehicle riddled with 27 bullet holes: 2 cops shot


On 2019/10/15 at around 00:10, 2 Wierdabrug SAPS member/officers were on duty driving marked state vehicle (Nissan bakkie).

The officers were paroling along old Pretoria/Johannesburg Roads in the northerly direction, the officers then noticed a Ford Ranger bakkie skipping a red-robot, the officers gave a chase and managed to stop the vehicle, as the officers were exiting the vehicle, two cops males approached the SAPS vehicle from the passengers side and  two more exited the Ford bakkie, as the officers approached  their vehicle the suspects started shooting at the officers.

The officers managed to flee but only 1km away to Valhalla shopping centre, the suspects followed the officers but fled when back-up arrived at the shopping centre, one officer (passenger/crew) was shot in the left leg and in the upper body, the other officer (driver) was slightly grazed on the head with a bullet.

Both officers were transported to hospital, 42 rounds (empty shells) of 9mm and  Ak 47 were found on the shooting scene. 27 bullet holes in SAPS vehicle (Nissan bakkie).

Intelligence Bureau SA


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