Police woman vows war against ‘white security man’ who took photo of her

The controversial photo of woman disrespecting the police uniform, which circulated online has incurred the wrath of the offender.

According to a woman who claimed to be a relative of the officer defended her, saying she only dressed like that because she was off-duty and pregnant. She said the woman decided to go get something to drink at a supermarket after work, hence she was not in full uniform.

“Whoever took this pic, this is my relative and she’s pregnant. Number 1, she’s pregnant and she just knocked off duty, so she decided to go and buy something to drink.”

The woman further threatened the “white security man”, who she claimed to have taken the picture, to be “ready” for the “war” she had just started. The “white security man” was apparently in trouble for taking the picture without the officer’s permission.

She said: “Whoever posts this you really don’t know what’s coming after you, what I know [is] it’s a white security man. I want to assure you, sir, be ready for what’s coming. You will tell us who gave you permission to take her pic and post it in public. Be ready for the war I just started, you apartheid white man. Be ready you white security man, you will regret and she was with me the day you took these pictures. You are used to this you apartheid white man.”

But South Africans have no sympathy for the officer, or her relative, saying she knew the rules and broke them anyway.


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