Politician’s daughter arrested for nude protest at Union Buildings

The unfortunate incident where more than six police officers made frantic effort to arrest the politician’s daughter involved in a nude protest has attracted wide condemnation from different groups.

This is after it was established that her integrity was being trampled upon by her superiors at work.

Gugu Ncube, the daughter of prominent Zimbabwean politician Welshman Ncube, was arrested outside the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Wednesday after she had staged a nude protest.

She had said she was protesting naked because “nudity is a sign of my dignity that l have been stripped off”.

“I have nothing more to protect, my dignity.”

Ncube added: “All l want is for President (Cyril) Ramaphosa to take note of the abuse I am suffering at the hands of UNISA and the South African Police.

“I want the University of South Africa (Unisa) management to show the country, Thuma foundation, Commission for Gender Equality and other interested parties, my resignation letter they claim I tendered. This is my demand. Watch video below

unisa protest

Female University staff who staged a nude protest at the Union Buildings today over alleged sexual abuse at UNISA has been arrested.The victim claims she was forced out of her job at UNISA after reporting her superior, who allegedly wanted to sleep with her, to the Vice Chancellor.

Posted by News360 on Wednesday, March 13, 2019


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