Powerful Sangoma says Julius Malema will be SA president by 8 May

With barely few weeks to the all important national and provincial elections in South Africa, a very powerful sangoma from Soweto has given his verdict on who will emerge as the nation’s number one come 8 May.

Radical South African opposition leader Julius Malema  could start feeling good about his campaign to be elected president in 2019, after a powerful sangoma predicted that the EFF will be voted overwhelmingly in the next election.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader has said on various occasion that his party is ready to lead and change the status quo of state capture and corruption in government.

This is not the first time that sangomas will involve themselves in political predictions.

Already, the EFF surpport base seems to be increasing by the day. The party boast of more youthful and daring population.

Malema was  booted out of the his former party, the  ANC, but his incendiary politics has permanently changed the outlook of the country’s politics.

It didn’t require a genius to envision that the ranks of his followers would swell. He would convince them that everything white people have always had – the swimming pools, the cars, the holidays by the sea – should be shared, not at some deferred time, but now, right now.

when black South Africans voted the African National Congress (ANC) into power in 1994, the organisation’s gentility and grace seemed a rebuke to these rude fears. Nelson Mandela opened his arms and forgave. That his forgiveness was genuine was apparent for all to see. That he could forgive without losing honour was the secret to his magic.

His successor, Thabo Mbeki, was an altogether different creature, He was also a self-proclaimed prophet with some alarming ideas. But Mbeki was a far stretch from the ogre of white nightmares: he was evidence that black leaders could be difficult and opaque, not that they could be scary.

So used were white people to these genteel black leaders that when the character of  Malema stepped into the real world in 2007, not much mas expected at the time.

Julius Malema was lean and young and casually dressed, his taste for champagne and Breitling watches as yet unacquired, and from the moment he opened his mouth, it was clear he was offering a dare. I will bring the roughest streets of this country on to the national stage, he was saying. I will promise violence and anger. Do you have what it takes to take me on?

He was written off as a joke, a flash in the pan. But as 2008 turned into 2009, and nobody stopped him, the laughter became increasingly nervous. Malema grew fat and rich, the sources of his wealth increasingly suspicious. As his speeches grew more outrageous, so his influence in the ANC seemed to grow. He became known as the organisation’s kingmaker, the man whose support any pretender to the presidency would need to capture. And still nobody stopped him.

Finally, a disciplinary committee of the ANC upheld a five-year suspension slapped on Malema for bringing the organisation into disrepute. Among his wrongdoings was to have called for regime change in Botswana, South Africa’s peaceful and prosperous neighbour. It seems that Malema’s dramatic and tempestuous political career may be over at that time. But in the meantime, he has changed the face of South African politics.

At another moment in the nation’s history, Malema’s star would have burned up and vanished early, but what the pundits who laughed at him didn’t seem to want to understand was that when Malema rose to prominence, the tectonic plates under the ANC were shifting. The organisation’s flag remained the same, its headquarters in downtown Johannesburg remained unchanged, but the organisation itself was becoming an entirely new beast, and Malema was only the most dramatic manifestation.


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