Pravin Gordhan faces criminal charges that might cost his job.

Minister of Public Enterprises,  will face criminal charges over the current load-shedding that South Africa is suffering under. According to the group, Gordhan is to blame, and he should take responsibility.

People Against Load Shedding’s convenor, Visvin Reddy, says that South Africa’s Public Enterprises Minister, Pravin Gordhan, is going to be criminally charged for causing load-shedding. 

Load-shedding is currently the biggest problem South Africa is facing, and people want justice.

Reddy vowed to head to the Chatsworth Police Station on 21 March and lay criminal charges against Gordhan, according to a report by The South African.

“We are being fed a lie that ESKOM is solely responsible for load-shedding. This is a half-truth designed by ANC politicians to shift the blame away from its Minister of Public Enterprises or the Cabinet.”

“The failure by the Minister to act on recommendations by the public utility has caused ordinary South Africans undue vexation and has cost the economy billions of Rands.”


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