Pregnant woman attacked by boyfriend, for carrying another man’s baby in KZN


Pregnant Woman Attacked By Boyfriend: Redcliffe – KZN

A man attacked his pregnant girlfriend after she confirmed that the child she was carrying was not fathered by him.

At approximately 17:35 today (Monday) a man arrived at Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) headquarters in Verulam reporting an abduction. He claimed that walking on Quarry Road in Redcliffe he noticed a couple talking in a red Hyundai Accent.

The vehicle then took off and he noticed the woman banging on the windows as if she wanted to be let out of the car. The driver then turned into an unpaved road and was travelling at a high speed.

Reaction Officers proceeded to the location and after a brief search found the couple standing outside the vehicle. The emotional female had her wig in her hand. She explained to Officers that she found out that she was pregnant and met with her boyfriend this afternoon to explain to him that it was not his child.

During the conversation he locked the doors of the vehicle and sped off. He produced a large screwdriver and assaulted her as they drove into a sugar cane field. During the assault he pulled off her wig and threatened to stab her. Construction workers who were returning home stopped and intervened.

The woman, who is a resident of Redcliffe in Verulam refused to register a criminal case against her boyfriend and opted to leave the scene with her uncle (picture1) who she contacted for assistance.


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