Presidency in outrage ‘We reject the notion that he lied’‚ after Ramaphosa’s farm murder rebuttal


Sequel to huge reactions that greeted president Cyril Ramaphosa’s outright rebuttal of farm murder in South Africa at the United Nations UN, a seemingly enraged Presidency is trying to neutralise the public outburst against the president’s remark  where he said there are no farm murders or land grabs in South Africa.

“There are no killings of farmers or white farmers in South Africa. There’s no land grab in South Africa. We are involved in a process of discussing land reform‚” Ramaphosa said in an interview with Bloomberg on Wednesday.

Presidency spokesperson Khusela Diko said on Thursday that Ramaphosa was responding to US President Donald Trump’s tweet in which he claimed there is a “land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers”.

Diko said: “This is what the President (Ramaphosa) was dismissing and we reject the notion that he lied. Crime happens in all our communities including townships‚ rural areas‚ farms and suburbs.”

She added: “It is very unfortunate that anyone would want to deliberately distort the President’s remarks which were in direct response to ‘large scale killing of farmers’‚ a characterisation everyone knows holds no truth in South Africa.”

Ramaphosa told Bloomberg that Trump’s tweet was “clearly misinformed”.

“Whoever gave him that information was clearly wrong.”

Ramaphosa’s remarks have ruffled AfriForum’s feathers. They said on Thursday they were going to send the loved ones of farm murder victims across the Atlantic as part of the next phase of their awareness campaign about farm murders and expropriation without compensation.

According to the latest crime statistics‚ there were 62 recorded farm murders‚ 33 house robberies‚ six attempted murders and two rapes on farms in 2017/18. This pales in comparison with the 57 South Africans murdered daily.


2 thoughts on “Presidency in outrage ‘We reject the notion that he lied’‚ after Ramaphosa’s farm murder rebuttal”

  1. CR = 100% Liar

  2. To the Staff reporter who wrote this piece… next time you naively just accept generalized murder statistics… pretend you are intelligent and ask this question… how many of the 57 murders each day are categorized as culpable homicide, how many 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree murders? Ask how many of these 57 murders everyday making up that glibly stated national statistic can be attributed to domestic violence? How many to drunken bar fights? How many accidental deaths while another crime was in progress? How many were gang and drug related crimes? How many were deaths from street mugging or hijacking crimes. NOW ask the huge question you should have asked years ago… how many murders each month, each year can be categorized as AGGRAVATED FIRST DEGREE MURDERS… and then of these how many were whites and how many were blacks? Then once you have this info… how many were white farmers? You see my naive friend… and likes of AfricaCheck… there is a huge difference between a brutal torture rape murder often involving children and women… than a bar fight murder or jealous boyfriend/husband wife beating… and which actually makes up the greatest proportion of MURDERS in SA!!

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