Prominent pastor caught having illicit affair in his car

Churches in recent times continue to get involved in embarrassing scandal.

The founder and leader of the Alabaster International Mission, Prophet Kofi Oduro, has claimed some Ghanaian pastors have  scandalous affairs in their cars.

He made this shocking revelation in a recent interview on Accra-based Hot FM’s ‘Ghana Must Know’ show, claiming some pastors have resorted to making love with ladies in their cars.

He explained saying they do that because they fear if they book a hotel to do that they would be caught and get exposed

“Most of the pastors make love in their cars at nights because they know when they go to a hotel they would be exposed, so they are petrified to take them there”, he observed.
“You can ask the police patrol team…at nights you will see their cars hopping up and down “, he added.


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