Protesters occupies Clifton beach again, this time for fun

After the storm had seemingly settled, Protesters return to Clifton beach for fun and leisure after a hectic time at the beach, shortly after some semblance of decorum was restored.

Similarly, the ANC in the Western Cape is returning to Clifton beach on Saturday afternoon in solidarity with protesters.

The uproar had escalate, in an  incident in which a private security company removed beachgoers from the beach, sparking allegations of racial profiling.

The City of Cape Town says a fight forced the closure of the beach.

It maintains its beaches are open to everyone.

The security company involved, PPA, says it was helping city officials and police, a claim the city is denying.

The ANC is branding the incident as racially motivated.

Lobby group Black People’s National Crisis Committee slaughtered a sheep at the beach on Friday, claiming to be cleansing the area of racism.

Advocate Matthew Mphahlwa, a royal advisor to the abaTthembu, is arguing that slaughtering a sheep at Clinton Beach is not in line with any customary rites, but merely playing politics.


One thought on “Protesters occupies Clifton beach again, this time for fun”

  1. Well once again the ANC shows that they are aligned with the EFF and BFLF thinking. There is a form if anarchy evolving rapidly in SA. The political party leaders kowtow to the whims of the masses in order to gain votes and support. The EFF and the (even more crude) BFLF have been conditioning the minds of the people, notably the poor and the under educated, for quite some time now, spreading racial hatred and tension. They target the most vulnerable section of the SA community and let it spread from there. It is clear that Julius Malema paid attention to what his erstwhile mentor, Robert Mugabe, taught him. Now the ruling party have to accede to ridiculous demands to keep in step. This is done at all costs even if it has a major negative effect on the future of this beautiful country. Retaining power at all costs is the priority, the consequences are of no importance. Zuma still has major influence and that is an alarming aspect

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