Protesters threaten to shutdown Ladysmith Town in KwaZulu-Natal


Protesters are threatening to keep the small but strategic town of Ladysmith in KwaZulu-Natal in total shutdown until Mayor Vincent Madlala is axed.

They allege Madlala is involved in ongoing taxi violence and they are also accusing the Alfred Duma Municipality of failing to provide basic services.

Protest organisers, Ubumbano Lokuthula, say there are many problems.

“The infrastructure is the issue in Ladysmith,” said protest organiser, Andile Hlatshwayo from Ubumbano Lokuthula.

“Service delivery, inequality, you’ve got the sewerage issues you’ve got the light issues. You’ve got the RDPs that have been built but not yet completed thus far.”


Despite repeated attempts  to get a comment, Madlala and the municipal spokesperson were not available to respond to serious claims and accusations that protestors have made.

The local chamber of commerce and industry says the economic impact of the shutdown amounts to millions.

Protesters are threatening to continue with the shutdown until their demands are met.

Should this fail, they say they’ll pursue other avenues like writing to the office of the Public Protector and heading to court.


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