Race and Rape In Mzantsi… A must read by Dumisa Mbuwa

Race and Rape In Mzantsi

In South Africa, there is no subject that is held higher than the question of Race. The Race question forms part of every ounce and grain of our lives that it holds hostage all of our critical faculties and blinds us from viewing the world realistically and objectively.

Race in South Africa is like tomatoe sauce, you can literally apply it on anything. It can be applied on Property Rights, Crime, Unemployment, State Capture, State Looting, Corruption, Government failure, failing Eduaction system, as well as the acquiring and application of skills.

Yet Race in South Africa has never been truly associated with vicious cultures like Rape, Murder or Corruption. For when it is, the usual response is that all countries have these problems, and so they are not racially (or culturally) inclined per se.

Yet when you look at the culture of Rape and Murder in South Africa, you will find that there is no other race that perpetuates such brutal crimes like Black people. And this indeed has nothing to so with Blacks being the majority, but has everything to do with how Black men are raised to regard women: their (sex) slaves. Only good for opening their legs so that a man can defile her and in return, he shall be clean.

[In Diepsloot, 2 in 5 (Black) men have admitted to raping a woman. While over 50% have admitted to abusing a woman in their lives.]

So much that the majority of the reported rape cases in the country, are perpetuated by Black people. Just as in the United States, over 50% of all homicides are by Blacks, even though the latter accounts for only 12% of the entire population.

While also accounting for over 90% of all homicides in the Black community (Black on Black Murder).

The same way Muslim countries have a culture of Rape and it manifests itself in the immigrants who move to Europe (eg, Germany and France), where there has been a rise in crimes such  as Rape, murder and general abuse of women (some Muslim men were reported to have beaten European women for no reason and fled).

Again, if you look at the way in which Muslim men (particularly from Middle Eastern societies) mistreat their women, you will realise this is a culture that they are taught from an early age and forms part of their muscular identity.

Hence the cultural shock from their hosts when they arrive as asylum seekers at these Western countries, where  their (Middle Eastern Asylum seekers/Muslims) cultural values play a little role or are not even properly recognized.

Then we arrive at the reaction South Africans rendered with regards to the Dross Rape Incident (in Pretoria) where a 6 year old girl was stalked, kidnapped/snatched from the bathroom and forced into mans toilet by a 21 year old White man; where she was raped at a restaurant.

Instead of expressing rage for a child being subjected to such a viciously wounding situation; Black South Africans (particularly on Black Twitter – The Summit of Brainless Blacks) were more than delighted to learn that both the victim and the rapist were White.

Their celebration was similar to when Nelson Mandela came out of prison in the early 1990s, they were just happy that finally, it was not a who was “accused” of Rape!

This comes behind the backdrop of over 40% of all Rapes in South Africa, are against children; and many of these cases are by persons whom the child is very familiar with, e.g. uncle, father, brother, neighbor or even the mothers boyfriend (Blesser).

In most of these cases, the child is often afraid to report the rape, lest the mother yells at them for “falsely” accusing their man. And as a result, the reporting takes place months after the incident; and by then, evidence is already worn out.

This is in addition to reports that a child is kidnapped every 5 minutes in South Africa.

The general reaction against the Dross incident clearly shows us that we as a country (or rather, the Black community) are totally desensitized towards Rape.

We rape each other so much that we have lost grasp of every ounce of sympathy for the victim and the lifelong trauma that she is to be subjected to. Where total healing is almost impossible, especially in such a society where Rape has replaced true Manhood.

Also, where men feel more powerful as men only when they force themselves on a 6 year old child or a month year old baby.

Many are even told (by evil traditional “healers”) to rape a child in order to get rid of AIDS; while others are religiously convinced that if they rape a hommosexual, they will not only go to heaven when they die. They are also doing a great service to Humanity.

Such a perverted view of the world is of course ingrained in our culture as Blacks, just as it is ingrained in many African cultures that killing an albino will bring them great fortune.

Now, the White man (or rather, devil) who “allegedly” raped this child will most definitely receive the full weight of the law, especially since the case is now public. And so any judge will first weep (inside) over the mothers cries in the video upon discovering what her child had gone through and sentence him to whatever years they deem fit.

[perhaps it is “alleged” because he was found naked in the toilet with the child, while she was bleeding from her groins, severely broken and crying perpetually. At least in prison he will be “allegedly” sodomized because like OJ Simpson said regarding Bill Cosby going to prison for raping multiple women,

“Prisoners are not fond of rapists…”, suggesting that he will not be safe in there among prisoners].

Yet, will this deter other millions of rapists out there who have not been caught and whose victims will not report because they are too afraid and traumatized, with no one to understand and believe them?

O! There has never been a time when the need for the Death Penalty or rather, the Dick [sic] Penalty (crushing a convicted rapists balls [sic] or just shaving off his manhood) is as rife as now.

Yet, with such a useless Justice System, lazy police officers and a nation that has been desensitized toward Rape, that Avenue towards true Justice and Repelling Criminality, we are very from achieving.

Ironically, if we were talking about hanging someone for saying the K-word to a failing president, the whole country would rise and cry,

“HANG THAT BLOODY RACIST!”. And when asked about the Rapist, they will cry,

“FINALLY! ITS NOT A BLACK MAN!”. Sort of like the Jews choosing Barabbus the real criminal over Jesus – the “blasphemous” teacher with a big mouth.

Vuka Mzantsi and Protect Your Children Against Your Own Sons!

© 2018 Dumisa Mbuwa
All Rights Reserved.


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