Ramaphosa accuse those who pledge allegiance to the old South African FLAG



In TYPICAL ANC blame-shifting fashion Cyril Ramaphosa accused those who pledge allegiance to the old South African FLAG and those who attack foreigners, fanning division the country . Ramaphosa made the remarks while leading the official Freedom Day commemoration in Makhanda, Eastern Cape, on Saturday. “Despite the progress we have made, we are, to be honest, still confronted by sinister attempts to undermine the unity of our nation through acts of racism, through attacks of foreign nationals and in the open display of the old South African FLAG.”

SO now Ramaphosa is blaming a FLAG and the fact that through the ANC’s own idiotic racist policies such as Mbeki’s “African Renaissance” to open the borders for MILLIONS of illegal aliens to flood the country and take over the already fragile labor market from the hands of the local people . Now Ramaphosa and his ilk place the blame onto the Afrikaners and other homogeneous people of the country again.

Why don’t we rather call for a ban of the ANC flag– because that flag brings back painful memories of loved ones that were brutally massacred by car bombs and limpet mines, loved ones massacred by means of necklacing, memories of loves ones assassinated for political ideals – loved ones that were murdered in ANC camps such as Quatro under that flag.

Why should only ONE flag be banned for alleged human rights abuses and not the other – because the current “conquerors” now write their own distorted “history?” OR do we conveniently “forget” about that flag and what it represents because it is so convenient to use “Apartheid” and the old flag to keep the communist Devil on the throne?


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