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Ramaphosa breaks silence over Trump’s land expropriation tweet at the UN before other world leaders

Following the ongoing tensed debate about land expropriation without compensation and the subsequent tweet by  the US president Donald Trump , which got every one talking, president Cyril Ramaphosa has now spoken directly to the International community regarding his government’s effort towards resolving the land crisis.

US President Donald Trump in August tweeted that he asked his Secretary of State to closely study the land reform process in South Africa.

While speaking to the delegations from around the world, President Cyril Ramaphosa  reassured the international community that South Africa will find its own solution to the land crisis.

“If Mr Trump was here, I would have told him this problem is going to be resolved in a typical South African way, because we have been able to solve our problems in the past,” Ramaphosa said.

He addressed the United Nations council on foreign relations in New York.

Ramaphosa told delegations from around the world that the country is capable of resolving its land woes, independently.



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