Ramaphosa calls on Whites to help curb unemployment

South  Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa has called on whites who to a large extent operate in the private sector to invest in the youth and offer them job opportunities.

Ramaphosa addressed asset managers in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

The president said he’ll pick ministers who will help grow the economy.

His administration is under pressure, with more than six million people unemployed.

The requirement of experience for job applicants is a major contributor to rising unemployment figures, according to the National Youth Development Agency.

South Africa’s unemployment rate increased to 27,6 percent during the first quarter of 2019.

Ramaphosa said the unemployment rate “keeps me awake at night,” adding: “The key mandate I have as president is to make sure that our focus is on jobs.”


13 thoughts on “Ramaphosa calls on Whites to help curb unemployment”

  1. Get rid of Bee then we can talk

  2. cannot be for real. Lives in a parallel universe.

  3. Whites are bled dry dear Cyril, fix your own problems and create your own jobs…

  4. Give me a job and I’ll help. It’s because of your laws I can’t get a job and therefore can’t employ other people. So how the heck am I supposed to employ people if I can’t get a job because of your BBBEEE and all those stupid laws. Because of your BBBEEE I’d rather give whites a job first, you limit me to get a job then I limit Africans getting jobs. Works both ways my friend.

  5. What a hypocritical President.
    First dismantle BEE and all the other laws that discriminate against the very white population you are now calling on and expecting to ‘make jobs’ for the ‘youth’ that your ANC government have dumbed down so much; that these youth are now unemployable because they only need a 25% pass rate; a youth that your ‘comrades’ EFF and BLF are teaching to hate the whites, and who also want everything for nothing – including land that we whites have bought in our life time – legally. We whites – whom you accuse of ‘stealing’ the land and whom you want to take our land/houses from us without compensation or for 90% below market value of outdated municipal valuations – to employ the very people that your ANC party have betrayed – but whom you have indoctrinated to hate us! You want us to employ them? With WHAT?! Do you think that we whites are that stupid and gullible to believe that you actually mean what you say?! Your 25 year Plan (this is the 25th year the ANC is in ‘POWER’) of taking everything away from the whites like boiling frogs slowly – (your words Mr C R) now expect US to help you out of YOUR MESS!! Your government has robbed and looted and raped this country more than any other previous ‘white’ government ever did. WE – the WHITES – gave your government a beatiful, thriving country with all that other countries could wish for – only for you and every member of government who WE whites hold personally responsible for the backwardness your ANC government has brought to this country. Your ANC party has only enriched themselves, whilst dumbing down your confederate of fools that continue to vote blindly for you. You can fool some of the people some of the tme, but not all of the people all of the time. Your time is up as your country burns around you. You and every government minister over the years acused of stealing everything you could get your hands on – should be brought to trial for TREASON. ALL your assets and money held off shore should be confiscated and returnd to this country – to a NEW government whose politicians are not in POWER but who are in GOVERNANCE to GOVERN the country and its peoples to prosper and rise above the absolute corruption that runs through from you to the very bottom of our society. Zuma must donate his Nkandla Mansion, built from money stolen from the South Africans – back to the black peoples of the area – by turning it over into a retirement home for the very poor black elderly people he and you have betrayed. They can spend the rest of the lives living in the luxury of Nkandla, cooling off in and getting water therapy exercises in the ‘fire pool’ too. Sort out your own mess Mr President – call on the now wealthy black middle and upper class people who have had the exclusive access to tenders worth millions of rands – they have the money to employ their own black population – not us whites whom you have taxed to the hilt. Instead of asking for a handout from the whites – ask your black businesses to put their hands in their bank vaults and employ the poor, hungry, homeless, dumbed down black young person. YOUR government over 25 years have created this vast sea of unemployable young people. Take ownership of your complete and utter failure to run this country well – take ownership of completely bringing this country to the state of anarchy that we are now facing each and every day – roads blockaded, drivers stoned or burnt to death in their trucks; strikes; protests, unrest, lawlessness – we name it – you claim it and be responsible.

  6. Part of the problem that keeps you awake at night is BEE. You cannot punish one group based on their skin colour and then ask that same group for help…

  7. They should do away with BEEE – IMMEDIATELY!!!! That is just a waste of admin hours for all firms and only benefits a few at the end.

  8. I thought SA didn’t need the “white baas”. Why would we knowingly walk into the white-monopoly-capital-trap” only to be slandered. Sorry, I’m lackadaisical. Remember?

  9. Go fuck yourself… How’s that for an answer.

  10. The blacks are killing, raping, beating and stealing from Whites every day. White owned farms and lands being confiscated. Whites should tell this thug to pound sand. NO WHITE PERSON belongs in Africa. Sell what you can and walk away.

  11. Try abolishing beee policies, and alI other. Racial based policie on and all the citzens will help…..mr president, build a nation for all the races, alI colours,, and we stand with you…..keep your racial.prejudices and follow zimbabwe into ruins….and send the cabnet to prison for corruption, theft and “facilitation kickbacks”

    Be a man, be a president, be proud…please dont become a puppet to the NEC

  12. You want to take property that does not belong to you….You force businesses not to employ white people however, you plead whites must employ….This land is my land this land is your land…Allow whites to have their place in the sun too…Equal opertunities for all Mr. Ramaposa.

  13. Dear Mr Ramaphosa. Stop the farm murders and cancel the racist BEE policies. Also please institute laws to protect the minorities of this country, all coloured, indian, and other ethnic minorities. You can also take the confiscation of land without compensation off the table. While you at it, you can also start an investigation by a third party outside of this country, to investigate government corruption. Once the guilty is in jail, we might start talking about helping this country. As we see it, this government does not have the interest of any south african at heart and is only there to oppress certain groups of the nation and to enrich their own pockets. Once the people of south africa rules again and not government, South Africa will be prosperous to all S.A. Citizens of all color.

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