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Ramaphosa says he is not going to compromise with Zuma’s corruption cases

In a build up to the all important elections, the ruling party, already having too many questions to answer from the disappointed electorates, is  trying to clean its house and put the records right.

Consequently, South Africa president Cyril Ramaphosa has vowed that his predecessor will have to answer to his corruption cases without compromise.

According to him the law must take its course.

He noted that he  has said he will appear before a judicial anti-corruption inquiry to account for his actions as a senior official during what he described as a “very dark period of our recent history”.

Ramaphosa  has struggled to overcome the legacy of his predecessor, Jacob Zuma.

Zuma has been accused of presiding over an immense system of corruption and patronage that drained billions from the exchequer and damaged the reputation of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) beyond repair. Ramaphosa served as deputy president under Zuma.

Speaking to a small group of reporters in Johannesburg, Ramaphosa spoke of a “new dawn” for South Africa and for the ANC, which has been in power since the country’s first free elections in 1994.

“There is a new confidence, a new hope in the ANC. The shine that had been tarnished is coming back,” the 65-year-old tycoon and veteran politician said.

However Ramaphosa admitted there were concerns about his years serving under Zuma.

“The question has been raised: ‘You were there, you were deputy president, and many of these things were happening under your nose. Did you know?’,” said Ramaphosa, who has never been accused of any personal wrongdoing. “In time I guess I am going to be required to appear before the [inquiry] to answer certain things … So I will be going to give an account myself of what I knew, what I didn’t know and all that.”

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