Ramaphosa shocks SA, says Zuma remains the leader of the party

The crowd was apparently stunned  after South Africa president Cyril Ramaphosa announced during the  ANC celebration that Zuma remains the leader of the party.

The President addressed crowds at the birthday celebrations of the ANC 107th birthday, people were surprised after he reiterated  that former president Jacob Zuma is still the leader in the ‘broader ANC’

As a part of the week-long 107th birthday celebrations, Ramaphosa gave his annual ‘January 8’ statement at the Ohlange Institute in Inanda, eThekwini.

He  took the opportunity to assure South Africans that his working relationship with ex-president Jacob Zuma was not strict and that he was still a leader of the party.

Shocking some people who were sure that the current president would take the opportunity to distant himself from the infamous Zuma, the president said the former head of state still had the right to lead the masses.

“We are displaying unity of the African National Congress. It’s not only around my presence here and former president Jacob Zuma, but all of you being here. But of course, it’s even more special when I walk in once again at [Ohlange Institute] with comrade Jacob Zuma who I worked with for many years and who is still the leader in the broader ANC.”

Ramaphosa said the ex-president is still capable of doing his part in unifying the ANC and, sitting side by side at the event, it was a sign that it was no empty promise.

“We have come here to take our victory march from John Langalibalele Dube. Myself and Nxamalala [Zuma’s clan name] are going to take this victory and spread it around KwaZulu-Natal and around the nation.”



One thought on “Ramaphosa shocks SA, says Zuma remains the leader of the party”

  1. So Jacob Zuma is still a leader in the party that rules SA. What little hope there was for this country flourishing has now been diminished significantly. The ANC have proved beyond a doubt that the ANC and its members will protect promote criminals within their ranks, and that the progress of the party and it’s members is their priority. The future of SA and people who don’t belong to the ANC is not high on their priority list. This is the same attitude That Zimbabwe’s ruling party, Zanu PF, has always had, to this day. They have been the only ruling party since liberation. Their leaders and their cohorts are multi millionaires who live in the lap of luxury which is in stark contrast to the life style of the suffering masses of Zimbabwe. History is about to repeat itself.

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