Ramaphosa makes a vow, finally denounces farm murders in parliament

This  could give farmers something to hold on to.

The embarrassing Farm murders in the past has cause the country much needed jobs and economic setback.

TLU SA said it appreciates President Cyril Ramaphosa’s denouncement of farm murders during his reply on the presidency’s budget debate in parliament.

Ramaphosa’s statement on farm murders was made after leader of the VF Plus, Pieter Mulder, again asked why he had not officially made a statement about farm murders. 
TLU SA has also asked on numerous occasions for the president to officially denounce farm murders, it said.
The president said that he had spoken out against farm murders in the past and would continue to do so in the future. Speaking in Afrikaans, Ramaphosa said that all life of all people in South Africa had equal value and that every murder and violent crime should be denounced without prejudice.
“We are pleased that the silence about farm attacks and murders has finally been broken,” says Bennie van Zyl, General Manager of TLU SA. 
“But we would also like to hear him call for farm murders to stop.”
The official TLU SA Incidents Report says that 30 farm murders were committed until July this year, with farm attacks on 217 for this year.

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