Ramaphosa’s ‘pro-white’ agenda has led to an increase in ‘white arrogance’ – Malema

At a press conference at Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) headquarters in Braamfontein on Wednesday, party leader Julius Malema said he was no “prophet”, but went on to predict that President Cyril Ramaphosa wouldn’t make it out of the next African National Congress (ANC) National General Council (NGC) in 2020 with his position as ANC president – and president of the country – intact.

The leader of the red berets said he believed Ramaphosa would not finish his term in office.

Malema suggested that those who had been removed from the ANC – presumably a reference to former president Jacob Zuma – had “gone to ground” and were busy plotting to remove Ramaphosa.

“I’m not a prophet, but I have experience. I can tell you that the ANC is about to vomit someone,” he said.

At another point, Malema expressed the view that “Cyril is more white than Sowetan”.

The EFF leader said one’s place of birth didn’t matter and that Mmusi Maimane, another prominent politician from Soweto, was also allegedly on the side of white South Africa.

“Your place of birth does not matter, what matters is your policy position. Cyril is not a pan-Africanist, he is pro the agenda of white people. That is why there is an increase in white arrogance,” Malema alleged.

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