Rape and Blackness In South Africa by Dumisa Mbuwa



Rape and Blackness In South Africa

Have you ever noticed how whenever there is a newspaper report on the rape of a Black woman in South Africa; the papers never reveal the race of the rapist? Particularly when they are Black.

Yet when the victim is Black and the rapist is White; there is more emphasis and coverage on the White man than on the victim.

The readers end up knowing more about the White rapist, his “colonial” and “racist” tendencies, than we know about the 100 women (mostly Black and by Black men) who are raped (this number excludes unreported rapes) everyday in this gruesome country.

Yesterday, a 19 year old “man” from Welkom (where 85% Black people reside) has been arrested for the murder of 21 year old Naledi Lathiba; whose body was found in an open field in Dagbreek, lying among trees.

Her body had been badly burnt, her breasts had been cut off and a knife was stuck in her neck.

The only information we know about this murderer is that he was a fellow student at Goldfield TVET College; but was in a different campus from where Naledi was.

Police are still trying to figure out his motives, as he is set to formally apply for bail on the 21st of June.

Now, the only reason newspaper editors omit the race of a Black rapist when reporting on rape, is that they do not want to reveal to their mostly White audience (since most Black people do not read, although they are the majority).

For this revelation will upset the image that they have painted of the Black man in South Africa: That he is a natural saint, and that all his failures are the result of Colonialism and Apartheid.

The same way Steve Biko taught Black people that they cannot be racist. Yet the same Black people kill over 50 Black people every single day; while Black rape over 100 (mostly) Black women everyday.

The same Black community kills, burns and persecute Black foreigners from African countries, just because they are Black!

How can they not do this when their very own government has been impoverishing them for 24 years and leading them to think that this poverty is nothing compared to Apartheid? Where they had jobs, less crime and were not weary about getting raped or killed by their own. Not even by the government for that matter!

For as long as we overlook the fact that most rapists, murderers and Looters are Black; we will forever be just another Shithole[sic] country that fails to wipe off the very same shit we convince ourselves comes from Whites.

It’s too bad that Whites dont have a vibrant culture of rape, murder and Looting, that we seem to be very happy about. Instead they have a culture of Building, Creating oppostrunies and jobs that even Blacks cannot live without!

Vuka Mzantsi!

You Are In Far More Danger Now Than You Were Before 1994. Well, Especially Your Women and Children!


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  1. That is because colonizers have passed on their traits and characteristics onto us,they have done this to us so much,and so long that it has become part of our spirit and ways,they have corrupted us spiritually and mentally, but everyday more of us are waking up and breaking those spiritual and mental chains

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