Revealed!!! ‘Black South Africans Feeling The Pain of Betrayal by The ANC’


The ANC’s painful betrayal has significantly increased the fragility of the black man’s existence under this tainted and corrupt regime. The ANC has become a flailing political movement, falling apart at the seams, a party that is desperately trying to use the history of struggle and the fight for equality as an excuse for blatant stealing & lying to the South African people.

We now see the truth, and it is horrifying!

It is  believed that counter to logic, the ANC are destroying our country’s infrastructure, stealing our resources, and in the process, weakening our sense of unity as a people, and as a country. We have much work ahead of us to unite & rebuild our country, and fight to reclaim our dignity from the impundulu.

The impundulu bird is the witch’s servant, and has taken the form of our current political leaders in the African national Congress (ANC). The government is self-serving in their unrelenting quest for power, and have caused much suffering for our people – the underprivileged, the poor, the helpless, the hungry and the neglected… ]


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