Robbers attack Floyd Shivambu Luxury apartment

Robbers have been reported to have robbed EFF deputy president Floy Shivambu’s luxury apartment.

According to the report, Floyd Shivambu’s apartment was allegedly broken into by thugs earlier this month.

Surprisingly, the  incident has become shrouded in secrecy, with no police case registered, nor a complaint registered by the security company guarding Shivambu’s luxurious townhouse complex.

Sunday World reveal that Shivambu’s swanky Fourways apartment at Pine Avon complex was broken into by rogue elements who only stole two laptops, two cellphones and valuable documents.

Shockingly, according to sources close to the EFF leader, the same thugs called Shivambu the next day asking him if he had noticed that they had “visited” his apartment.

Earlier, however, Shivambu told Sunday World that his house had been broken into, saying the thugs only took two laptops, two cellphones and documents. “I was surprised that they didn’t take my wife’s jewellery and my watches or anything else that’s valuable. They also destroyed my security system,” he said.

The EFF leader said the thugs appeared to want to demonstrate that “we can find you when we want to”.

Shivambu said he reported the matter to the police, who were puzzled by the theft.

“They said the incident was not a normal break-in or robbery,”

It is not clear why therobbers  are making repeated attacks at Shivambu’s residence.

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