Robbers Kill Pedestrian: M25 KwaMashu – KZN

Two unlicensed firearms were recovered in a vehicle that overturned after it ran over and killed a pedestrian on the M25 near KwaMashu tonight (Thursday).

At approximately 19:44 two men were seen fleeing the scene of the accident on foot. Members of Reaction Unit South Africa were on patrol in the area and stopped after they noticed a Toyota Etios lying on its roof. The mutilated body of an identified man was found lying in the path of traffic. He was dragged several meters from the point of impact.

Upon arrival of Police the vehicle was searched and one firearm was recovered under the driver’s seat. A second firearm was recovered under the spare tyre. The serial numbers on both pistols were filed off.

A registration check was conducted and confirmed that the vehicle was not sought after however the number plates used by the suspects are believed to be cloned.

It is believed that the occupants of the vehicle may be linked to a syndicate that is being sought for a home invasion.

Police are investigating further.


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