SA family in reverential awe, after daughter who drowned in Swimming pool at Christmas comes back to life

It was more than a miracle and reverential awe for the family of kid who got drowned in a swimming pool few days to Christmas.

Despite the apparent apprehension, the parents were steadfast as they never gave up the thought of losing their daughter.

According to News24, When she was admitted to hospital, two-year-old Kaylin Dedekind had no pulse – but parents Juanita and Siegfried kept praying until there was a heartbeat.

“She’s doing really well,” says Juanita, 30, about Kaylin’s miraculous survival after she’d drowned in their swimming pool in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, a few days before Christmas.

“The feeding and oxygen tubes have been removed – she’s eating on her own.”

Juanita and Siegfried, 39, have another daughter, Ashley, 6.

“Kaylin’s alive and has been brought back to us. It’s still a long way to recovery but we’ll make it with God by our side,” Juanita tells us from the Garden City Hospital in Johannesburg where Kaylin is being treated.

The child who will turn three next week, has even stood up for the first time since the drowning.

“She’s still struggling to focus because of the effects of the strong medication she was on,” Juanita adds.

It happened in seconds in the late afternoon of 23 December, Siegfried tells us from the hospital. The family were playing with bowling balls, an early Christmas present for Kaylin.

“She disappeared from sight for just a moment,” Juanita recalls. “She’s a busy child and likes playing in her room by herself.”

The swimming pool has a fence around it but that’s the first place they went looking for the little girl, whom they found unconscious, floating on the surface. They still don’t know how she’d managed to get through the fence’s gate.

Neither parent is sure exactly what time it happened – somewhere between 16:00 and 17:00, Siegfried reckons.

They rushed little Kaylin to hospital in Middelburg where medical staff told them, “We can’t find a pulse. She’s dead.”

The couple were shattered. But they decided to keep praying while doctors kept trying to revive Kaylin.

“My husband was in and out of the ICU,” Juanita says.

“When I finally saw that heartbeat on the monitor, it was as if my entire life changed,” Siegfried recalls.

Parents must be more cautious, especially when they have their kids around swiming pools.


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