SA introduces strict new measures: You cannot buy alcohol or walk your dog during coronavirus lockdown


South Africans will not be able to purchase alcohol or walk their dogs during the lockdown period, police minister Bheki Cele said at a press briefing on Wednesday (25 March).

Cele said that the decision was made to protect South Africans and encourage social distancing as he announced a number of other prohibitions.

“There shall be no food at restaurants. There is no need to be on the road. There is no need to move around. There was a little bit of a story earlier on that you can walk your dogs. There shall be no dogs that will be walked,” said Cele.

There shall be no movement of alcohol during the lockdown period, said Cele.

He added that if people wanted to walk their dogs, they could do so around the house.

Buying and transporting alcohol has also been prohibited, said Cele. “The movement of the alcohol or liquor can be restricted. There shall be no movement of liquor. If we find liquor in your boot, that is illegal,” said Cele.

“For 21 days, please stay sober”

The statement from Cele follows health minister Zweli Mkhize stating that people can walk or exercise in the street during the 21-day lockdown.

“You can take a walk, you can walk with your dog, you can jog, but you must do it alone or with a good distance between you,” Mkhize said.

The full list of prohibitions announced by Cele include:

  • Any place or premises where religious, cultural, sporting, creative or organisational events take place;
  • Any place where non-essential goods are being sold;
  • Public parks, beaches, pools, bazaars, flea marketsNight clubs, casinos, lodges, hotels, resorts – except where tourists are being held;
  • Private and public game farms;
  • Consumption premises taverns, bars,pubs, shebeens;
  • Liquor stores and sections selling alcohol in supermarkets;
  • Theatres and cinemas;
  • Shopping malls – except for supermarkets;
  • Restaurants;
  • No walking of dogs – after cabinet clusters determined it would not serve the interest of the lockdown.

The police minister said that South Africans face strict punishments for breaching these prohibitions including a fine, or imprisonment of up to six months.


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