SA lawyer who killed his 4 children, was previously on parole for murdering his neighbours child

Some residents are of the view that if the man had not enjoyed leniency, he would not have had the opportunity to cause such a grave tragedy.

Released on parole for murdering a neighbour’s child, a former lawyer allegedly killed his four children by knocking five-inch nails in their heads.

This after blaming his wife for cheating on him. Senyatse Lucas Phasha also allegedly bludgeoned his wife to death with a huge stone.

Years ago, Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo said, Phasha had been chasing his girlfriend with a gun, accusing her of cheating on him, when he  started shooting at her.

The bullet, however, missed his girlfriend and struck a neighbour’s child, who later died.

“He fired the gun to shoot her, but missed and shot an innocent child. He was arrested and charged with murder and was imprisoned.

“He was practising as a lawyer at the time and he was struck off the roll as a consequence of his imprisonment. He was then released on parole and then allegedly killed his four children after accusing his wife of infidelity.

“He had even said one of the children was not his,” Mojafela said.

Before the murders, Phasha had posted a series of rants on Facebook blaming his wife Adel for cheating on him and in the process infecting him with HIV and warned that she will never see the children – Katlego, 9, Joyce, 7, Tshepo, 5, and Adel, 3 – again.

He wrote: “I am very angry at her, her friends and her lovers. She will never see us again and must die of Aids. My wife really hurt me.”

He also posted a picture of his wife and wrote: “HIV positive, pregnant, sleeping around with many men. She infected me with Aids and is spreading it, be careful.”

In another post he wrote that his wife Adel took him to a man in Hebron, Tshwane, saying the child was his. However, the man denied paternity, he said.

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