SA man arrested after trying to visit his girlfriend


At least 17 people were arrested in Johannesburg on Friday for failing to comply with the lockdown regulations.

Mayor Geoffrey Makhubo, along with the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD), held two roadside check operations to check the compliance of motorists with the regulations as stipulated by the national state of disaster.

‘We have observed that many people are abusing the use of the permits granted to them. Permits are not being used for the necessary essential services it is meant to be. It is concerning to see many citizens not adhering to the compliance of the lockdown.

“There will be no tolerance for those misleading law enforcement; people who are not complying will be arrested,” said Makhubo.

He earlier told EWN that he had heard some interesting excuses.

“A man just ‘killed’ his granny. He said his granny died and he was going to the hospital where the granny died. When we asked him for the number, he said: ‘I’m sorry, I am going to Randburg to see my girlfriend’.” he told EWN.

The mayor raised concern about the number of cars on the road.

“This is concerning as most motorists are not complying with the regulations of the lockdown. The roadside operations indicate that there is a need to intensify awareness on the lockdown and to enforce the laws,” said Makhubo.

“I urge every single person to stay at home and to only go out when they need to perform essential services. This is for their own safety and health, and also to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the country,” said Makhubo.

He promised that similar operations would be held across the city to monitor public compliance with the lockdown and related regulations.


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