SA teachers in grave danger yet government still goes ahead to legalized marijuana

The strange upsurge of violent crime by young people in the country and the recent incessant attacks by students on their tutors has gotten citizens interrogating the governments’ intention in legalising marijuana for private use.

Currently the security situation in the country is concerning, as there are more cases of recorded violent attacks. Government officials seem to enjoy personal security arrangement, leaving the greater population to their own peril.

Statistic indicates that South Africa ranks among the world’s most violent countries, according to the Global Peace Index.

In addition to its devastating impact on individuals, crime and violence carry a high economic price for the country. The Institute for Economics and Peace estimates the economic impact of violence containment in South Africa at $66.7 billion (R989 billion) for the past year and pegs the national cost of violence in South Africa at 19% of the gross domestic product (GDP)

Though an economic magnet, South Africa is still grappling with serious problems of crime and violence. Both Statistics South Africa and the government confirmed the  high levels of violence. The Victims of Cr according to Statistics South Africa, 2018  found that while the number of South African households that experienced housebreakings and home robberies increased  South Africans perceived crime to have increased.

Crime has long been a problem in South Africa and indeed increased steadily prior to the 1994 transition, at a time when the police force was focused on quelling political unrest and neglected criminal activity.


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