SAA has put billions of rands worth of planes up for sale


SAA, now under business rescue, has put billions of rands of planes up for sale – even though most are in regular use for flights to major destinations around the world.

In a request for proposal, SAA is soliciting bids for nine of its Airbus A340 aircraft, which it describes asoffering “the most quiet and most comfortable cabins in the sky”.

Four of the planes are of the A340-600 variant, which first came into service in 2001 and carry 317 passengers as configured by SAA. The other five are A340-300s, first flown commercially in 1993, and with a carrying capacity of 251 people.

The sale package also includes 15 spare engines and four auxiliary power units, high-value spare parts.

In total the planes would come to around R37 billion if bought new today. Second-hand prices are highly dependent on hours flown and other a wide range of other factors, including the state of the global economy at the time of sale.

All but one of the planes appear to be in use, according to a check of flight records by SimplyFlying.

Three of the A340-600s are used on the route to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. The other is used to fly to Frankfurt.

One of the A340-300s appear not to be in service at the moment. The other three have been spotted serving Johannesburg to Pretoria and flying to Munich and Perth.

Bidders have until 30 January to submit their proposals to buy the planes.

SAA entered business rescue in December in what public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan described as “the optimal mechanism to restore confidence in SAA and to safeguard the good assets of SAA and help to restructure and reposition the entity into one that is stronger, more sustainable and able to grow and attract an equity partner.”

Business rescue practitioner Les Matuson is expected to cut some of the airline’s routes as part of its restructuring.

These are the planes for sale.


  • ZS-SNC
  • ZS-SND
  • ZS-SNF
  • ZS-SNG


  • ZS-SXD
  • ZS-SXE
  • ZS-SXF
  • ZS-SXG
  • ZS-SXH

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