Schoolgirl beaten to pulp by a group of violent pupils


In a horrific video posted to Twitter on Thursday 13 February, a schoolgirl in a blue-and-white uniform, alleged to be a pupil at the Newlands East Secondary School in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), was brutally struck by more than six other girls on the premises on Tuesday 11 February.


The video appears to have been taken in a change room. The clan of girls, also in their blue and white uniforms, are seen standing on the benches of the change room, above the schoolgirl, who is standing on the floor in front of them.

As the video starts, the group of girls on the bench look as though they are accusing the schoolgirl of something. She can be seen denying it but they keep, quite literally, poking and prodding her. It is unclear why these girls are beating her up.

As the girl denies whatever she was accused of, she finds herself against a wall, where one of the girls then kicks her.

She tries to defend herself and walk away. That is when all the girls jump down from the bench and start punching her and hitting her. Some girls are holding her arms and pulling on her school jersey — it is simply a horrific scene.

She eventually sits on the bench while other girls are pulling at her hair and slapping her on the back and kicking her. Some of the schoolgirls’ clothes, like her skirt, even appear to be torn after the continuous beating.

KwaZulu-Natal MEC condemns violent act 

Mec for Education in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Kwazi Mshengu has condemned the act of violence after the viral video was shared on social media.

Warning: The content contained within this article features graphic imagery of a violent nature which some readers may find disturbing.


“All learners who have been implicated in an attack on their schoolmate have been duly placed on suspension,” he said.

“We call on parents to teach their children the values of tolerance and peace to help stamp out violence in schools,” he added.

A question of “where were the teachers at the time?” came up frequently amongst Twitter users.

“Where are the teacher’s when all of this is happening, even when there’s commotion no one comes through to break this up?”

Another user opted for corporal punishment as a way to combat acts of violence at schools.

“Bring back corporal punishment! I’ve said it a hundred times and I’ll say it again. This type of behaviour never happened in the days of the cane!”


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