See list of EFF leaders luxuries, they live lavish lifestyles while they steal from the poor

Following the move to sweep allegations of VBS looting under the carpet as well as a desperate effort to neutralise the scandal, more damning reports of lavish lifestyle of the EFF is gradually finding its way to the public space.

The report clearly states that the  Shivambus live in a R2.7million house in Fourways.

The R400000 deposit for the luxury house apparently came from VBS Mutual Bank funds.

Brian’s company Sgameka Projects received R16m in “gratuitous” payments during the VBS bank “heist”. Payments ranging from R100000 to R300000 were allegedly made to Pine Avon, the luxury complex in which the house is situated.

As a further insult to poor South Africans, Floyd is denying ever having lived in the house, despite the fact that he was quoted in the media about a burglary that happened at the house recently.

He is like a rat trapped in a corner and instead of ’fessing up, he is scrambling for any exit.

This is another example of the EFF stealing from poor, vulnerable citizens while they live lavish lifestyles.

They claim to represent the poor, but underneath those red overalls are expensive Armani suits and Versace dresses.

And it’s not a matter of not caring for the poor, they even blatantly steal from them.

They rip the last piece of dry bread out of a poor person’s hands, while eating lavishly at their table of corruption.

EEF leader Julius Malema and his deputy, Floyd, have tried so hard to separate the EFF from VBS.

However, every day it’s becoming clearer that the EFF cabal is nothing more than hypocritical elites who are looting the country.

South African’s aren’t dumb. They can see through the rot of the EFF.

Citizens realise that the only way forward is to throw these looters in jail.

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