Selfless Granny who lived alone to stop others getting sick is told he isn’t contagious


A selfless Thai man who lived like a hermit for more than a decade has been told his efforts to avoid infecting others were pointless.

Charat Rakmuen, 72, developed the painful blisters when he was in his early 60s and began hiding away in a small wooden hut in Trang, southern Thailand.

The elderly man was afraid of passing the agonising skin condition to friends and family – meaning his only regular contact with the outside world has been through his wife delivering him food and painkillers every day.

But now it has transpired that his disease was not infectious.

Local government officials heard about the elderly gentleman’s plight last week and visited him in his cabin near the forest last week.

They arrived with medical staff from the hospital to check on the pensioner’s illness and diagnosed him as having Pemphigus Foliaceus – which is not contagious.

Hospital director doctor Thiwaporn Srichanthong said that there was no need for Charat to have stayed hidden away in his wooden hut.

Thiwaporn said the only way to manage the autoimmune blistering disease is with constant topical treatment from medics.

Charat told the doctors his condition started with a few ulcers but quickly spread.

He could not afford to get medical attention often, because after the disease worsened he could no longer work.

He explained: ‘I only very rarely see the doctor or buy some medicine from the pharmacy because I had to stop working after the ulcers has spread.

‘I did not understand what was happening to me but I was worried about passing it to my wife and others in the village, so I stayed in this small house.’

The pensioner’s wife, Pha Rakmuean, 59, said that she has to work to support the family’s expenses – but her meagre income of no more than 200 baht (around £5) a day was barely enough.

She said that she had to leave her husband alone in the cabin in the woods because he worried that she might get infected.

Pha said: ‘I am working as a rubber tapper which means I earn only around £2.50 to £5.15 a day.

‘I can barely support the expenses of myself and my husband, because he desperately needs painkillers every day.

‘The family wanted to help him but he insisted on staying in the wooded cabin because he thought it was a contagious disease.’

It is unclear whether he now plans to move out of his hut and how much medical attention he will receive in future.



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