Severely sick lady abandoned to lay on a bench at popular Government hospital

The rate at which government show less attention to basic amenities is quite alarming in South Africa today.

This is how a child/children gets treated at government hospital which is suppose to put  child care first….

“No hospital beds and have to lay on a bench SOUTH AFRICAN GOVERNMENT is useless and they will stay useless because we are  voting for a party that been in control for so many years and yet we still have problems like these. They build RPT houses for the poor but our HOSPITALS are useless”. Sick patient laments.

Despite all the promises made in SONA by President Ramaphosa, most South Africans are still in doubt if they will vote him come next election.


One thought on “Severely sick lady abandoned to lay on a bench at popular Government hospital”

  1. The question is; who do you vote for? The masses have been been turned against the DA for being too white. Although they are the best of a bad bunch, they will never win an election in this country. The EFF and BFLF are a bunch of hate mongering morons whose political views are the same as Robert Mugabe’s warped views which has destroyed the Zimbabwean economy and and forced most of it’s citizens into abject poverty. Land grabs, nationalization of mines, hate of other races etc etc. The ANC has brought SA to it’s knees, and yet they retain the services of some of criminals within their ranks and still revere proven criminals.

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