Sharing Gigaba’s sex tape is a violation and a crime

In the heat and pressure facing the Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba, a legal perspective have been given, against people circulating the sex tape material online.

According to a  legal practitioner, Emma Sadleir it is a gross violation of his privacy and his fundamental rights.

The seemingly unhappy minister stated that the video was stolen when his phone got hacked 18 months ago.

The video has been a topic of discussion since it was leaked on Sunday.

The legal expert  says people who share the sex video could get in trouble with the law if it was illegally obtained.

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Gigaba says he reported the matter to authorities after it was used in a blackmail and extortion attempt by unknown culprits, which he turned down.

Sadleir says the video is a violation of the minister’s privacy and could lead to some kind of legal prosecution.

“Every single person who shares that video on is contributing to that harm and committing a separate criminal offence each time. And so I really urge every member of the public not to send it on, not to repost it and not to retweet it.”

Gigaba says that he has hired a private investigator to find those responsible and the investigation is continuing.

Since the unfortunate incident, twitter has been on fire with several exchanges and reactions.

Many believe that this particular incident will have a long-term image effect on the political future of the minister.

In a series of tweets he said: “My wife and I have learned, with regret and sadness, that a video containing material of a sexual nature, meant for our eyes only, which was stolen when my communication got illegally intercepted/my phone got hacked, in 2016/17, is circulating among certain political figures.”

He added the video has been at the centre of various blackmail and extortion attempts starting after his appointment as finance minister in 2017, which he says he has rejected.


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