Shivambu and the EFF must own up to their role in VBS looting… Phumzile

The VBS saga may be getting less attention from the public, but the Democratic Alliance is not letting the matter die a natural death.

The looting scandal  which once again tie the Deputy President of the EFF Floyd Shivambu and his brother Brian to the VBS heist, is further proof that the EFF is exactly like the ANC – corrupt.

According to reports, a company intricately associated to the Shivambu brothers allegedly fraudulently benefited from a dubious R4 million VBS Mutual Bank business loan. Which according to the bank’s statements were never serviced. Reports further indicate that, a business owned by Shivambu, Grand Azania, allegedly illegally received millions from VBS.

EFF Leader, Julius Malema, has come out guns blazing in the past in defense of Shivambu despite growing evidence of malfeasance against him. This time around no amount of obfuscating and vilifying of the media can turn the tide for his ally. Shivambu must account for his role in the looting at VBS.

The EFF’s worker regalia are merely a choreographed display intended to portray them as an organization that is on the side of the poor when in reality, they are stealing from the very people they claim to represent.

Both the ANC and EFF are cut from the same cloth and have no regard for the marginalised. The DA will continue to fight to ensure that the EFF and ANC are held accountable for their corruption and involvement in the looting of VBS Bank that has left some of South Africa’s poorest municipalities in an irreparable cycle of poverty.

The DA reported Shivambu to Parliament’s Joint Committee on Ethics – which undertook to investigate Floyd Shivambu. We will accordingly follow up with the committee, for the reason that, Shivambu remains a Member of Parliament until 8 May, and should be held accountable by it.

We also ask for an update from the Hawks regarding their investigation. Last year we asked them to investigate the EFF and to conduct a forensic investigation over the EFF’s accounts.

Tomorrow, the DA in Limpopo will be marching to the office of the Premier to demand that those who played a hand in the looting of VBS answer for their role in stealing from the poor.

Worse, countless of South Africans who saved a lifetime of their hard-earned money at the bank are still uncertain how they will be able to recover their funds.

On the 8 May elections, the DA urges citizens to guard their vote jealously and choose a party that will fight corruption, instead of voting for parties which endorse and benefit from it.


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