Shivambu blast Trevor Noah: ‘He doesn’t deserve to be dignified’

Angry EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu has taken aim at Trevor Noah for his statement.

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah received mixed reaction from South Africans after a video of him comparing EFF leader Julius Malema to US president Donald Trump was released on Friday.

The comedian made reference to moments from Malema’s political career, including a clip from an interview where he (Malema) spoke about killing white people.

“Julius Malema talks about genocide like he’s remodelling his kitchen,” said Noah.

The clip saw him trend on Twitter for most of the weekend, with some claiming he had ‘sold out’ while others applauded his comments.

The EFF’s  Floyd Shivambu took to social media to call Noah a “puppet of establishment”.

Zindzi Mandela retweeted Shivambu’s message while Malema also had a not so subtle message.

The clip appears to have been deleted off The Daily Show’s Twitter and Facebook pages. But that hasn’t stopped it from being shared on social media.

The comment has continued to be a major discussion point on social media. Some people have pointed out that Noah has previously taken shots at former president Jacob Zuma, while others have said the timing of the clip (during the result of the general elections) was suspicious.

In a tweet by George Carlin Stan: The issue is not the fact that Julius Malema said those things, it is that Trevor Noah and his team took the comments out of context, claimed that Malema was worse than Trump, and ignored Malema’s progressive comments. Take the whole man, not just your hot take.


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