‘Shivambu did not steal from the poor’ Malema


Economic Freedom Fighter Julius Malema has stated clearly that  he can’t fire  Deputy Party leader Floyd Shivambu because he did not steal from the poor and there are no incriminating evidence against him.

This in response to the public outcry that billions belonging to poor blacks were looted by few privileged inididuals.

Shivambu since denied ever receiving any money illegally, saying the money that was paid to him by the bank was for consultancy services he rendered for Vele Investments, which was a majority shareholder of the bank.

Shivambu has explained the services for which his brother was paid the over R16 million for.

“He was providing consulting and advisory services on the non-banking assets of VBS… not VBS, Vele Investments.”

But the company Brian Shivambu provided services for has also been accused of looting money from VBS.

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Earlier Malema employed the blame game, by saying that Pravin  Gordhan is evidently behind the VBS Mutual Bank heist allegations against his party in a bid to blackmail and defame citing that they are not scared of him.

He is the most dangerous man here and we are on his case.

Gordhan is trying to scare the EFF.

The party leader on Tuesday lambasted Gordhan, calling him the most dangerous man and accused him of blackmailing and intimidating its leaders through the VBS scandal.

The EFF unanimously rallied behind embattled deputy president Floyd Shivambu, saying that neither him nor the party benefited from the looting of the bank.

The public are saying that there are compelling evidence that Shivambu had knowledge of the financial transaction and even benefited through the payment of R10 million from funds looted from the Venda Building Society (VBS).

If the Shivambus are indicted, the dent will affect the image of the opposition party.

But the contracdiction is that the Public Enterprise minister is not the one who released the names of 50 other accused who benefitted from the bank illegally.



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