Shivambu linked to another massive financial scandal


Embattled EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu, who was earlier roped into the trending  VBS Mutual Bank scandal, has been reported to be involved in yet  in another massive scandal with a controversial businessman who is being investigated for his role in alleged impropriety at the Public Investment Corporation (PIC).

This is certainly not an easy period for Floyd Shivambu and the entire EFF leadership.

With a frantic effort to carru out damage control regarding the initial VBS Mutual Bank scandal, the fresh scandal linking the EFF number two, could further endanger and escalate the crisis.

Already there are clear indications that the said accounts used in the transactions have been linked to Shivambu and his brother Brian.

With the pressure mounting from different parts of the country, the  EFF president Julius Malema, on Thursday night,tweeted, “the enemy is attacking” in what appeared to be a reference to media reports implicating his deputy after the South African Reserve Bank released a report on VBS Mutual Bank, titled The Great Bank Heist, on Wednesday.

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Preliminary investigation reveals that  Floyd provided Brian’s business account details to controversial PIC beneficiary Lawrence Mulaudzi.

Mulaudzi is currently being investigated for a R300 000 request for payment to an alleged lover of PIC boss Dan Matjila.

The same account number provided by Floyd, registered in the name of Grand Azania, has been linked to the suspicious VBS Mutual Bank payments.

The whistleblower information is contained in a submission by UDM leader Bantu Holomisa to the commission.

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Floyd responded by saying: “I don’t own Grand Azania. Please contact the owners of Grand Azania for what they do. I am not a signatory of Grand Azania account. I have not seen the report (submissions to Budlender) you say is the basis of your question about giving the account, and will patiently wait for it to be brought to my attention.”


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  1. Who are the enemies that Malema refers to. is it the thieves?

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