Shortly after the ANC office was set alight, heavy protest erupts, with 50 women blocking 2 lanes

Shortly  after the ANC condemned the setting alight  of its  Sedibeng regional office, a heavy protest has erupted.

Earlier, before the protest, a brief statement was issued:

“The ANC Gauteng Province condemns in the strongest possible terms acts of criminality by unknown arsonists who burned our Sedibeng regional offices in the early hours of this morning,” said the ANC in a statement issued by Tasneem Motara, the PEC Spokesperson.

A group of about 50 women from Sedibeng protest outside the ANC headquarters, Luthuli House on Monday. Picture: Karen Sandison/African News Agency (ANA).

A group of about 50 – mostly women all dressed in party regalia – descended on the headquarters, Luthuli House where they held a vociferous protest.

The women, who said they were from Sedibeng, sang songs demanding that Gauteng Premier David Makhura remove the mayor they said he imposed on them.

The ANC Women’s League had written to the party’s national structures to inform them that they would stage a protest outside Luthuli House.

Although the protest was peaceful, the women blocked two lanes of the street in front of the ANC headquarters. Many of them carried printed placards calling for the mayor of Sedibeng to be removed. The protest lasted about two hours.

Hours earlier the Sedibeng regional offices of the ANC were set alight in the early hours by “unknown arsonists”, the ruling party said on Monday.


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