Since the late 2000s, Heritage Day has since been relegated to Braai Day or Zupta Day or ANC Useless Day… By Dumisa Mbuwa

Heritage Day? Tiger Woods Has Just Won His 80th World Championship!

The only reason Heritage Day became a day worth noting was because of Shaka Zulu, the very last Great Black man to ever walk the face of this Earth.

Since the late 2000s, it has since been relegated to Braai Day or Zupta Day or ANC Useless Day or the Day Syrupy Cyril wears a fitted suit.

[Now that the private use of Cannabis is legal, perhaps there will come a daywhen this holiday will be referred to as “Green Day”! Not that this would be remorseful.]

In essence, it is a day where South Africans gather together and celebrate what they unanimously regard as Victory: our Transition from an evil, racist and oppressive Apartheid to a Free and Democratic South Africa.

It is too bad that today we have since returned to the very same evil, racism and oppression that we have been freed from.

O! What a lost Tribe we all are!

Indeed, nothing tastes sweeter than Victory, especially one that has been marked by impossibility and the consequences for even trying to win being a great, irredeemable loss.

At least we know today that such a loss is exactly what we have endured in this fallen country for over 23 years. Victory is today, in every aspect of fallen Nation, has  been replaced by unforgivable colossal ANC Failure.

Yesterday, the greatest Black man to ever touch a golfstick – Tiger Woods, has attained his 80th career win on the PGA Tour in 5 years. And boy it feels so damn [sic] good!

This is a man whose Blackness was questioned for decades simply because is he is like Alexander The Great of Golf: He Is Invincible!

Generally, it feels good to see a Black man win and gain victory when it was impossible not so long ago (the media took his private life and like filthy swine they have proudly become, took his Pearls and stomped all over them and encouraged the world to do the same. Yet because Greatness is eternal; it can only recreate, reinvent and expand itself over and over again. For it is Greatness and the world can only Bow,as we it doing now).

Sort of like Nelson Mandela’s release from prison in 1990, the whole world had been awaiting this day for over 27 years.

Too bad that Nelson Mandela’s greatest victory was to Unite South Africa at a crucial point when she was ready to destroy herself, just as we see her doing right now in his absence (well, this self-destruction already evident while he was alive and strong. It is not a consequence of his death).

For if Nelson Mandela had been a great president, with a vision to bring Prosperity for all; such a vision would still be alive today.

Yet, all we know is Socialism that eventually leads us no where as we are today, thanks to his shortsighted, destructive socio-economic policies.

If only we had a Great leader like Tiger Woods is to the game of Golf. We would be a Glorious Nation whose Power and Prosperity was destined to be Invincible.

One can only Hope and Pray that this day is closer to than our Nation’s inability to grasp Reality.

Alas! Relish This Day As Children Relish Sunshine!

So Much Love, Peace and endless Joy for you all!


© 2018 Dumisa Mbuwa
All Rights Reserved.


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