Snake pastor feeds members with dog, rat and blood

Snake pastor continue to plague his members with unimaginable practices, similar exercises take place in some  religious centres across the country.

Some vulnerable members of a radical church in South Africa called ‘End Times Disciples Ministries’ have raised alarm after the church pastor fed them with dog meat and snake to heal them of their infirmities such as HIV/AIDS, CANCERS, diabetes and other terminal diseases.

The snake Pastor Penuel Mnguni was recorded administering his  congregants what he claims to be dog meat and blood, video footage showed on the End Times Disciples Ministries .

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The pastor was captured in the video saying:

“If there is anything not right inside your stomach, I’m saying today, you will recover,” he tells the group.

An elderly woman is the first person to step up and is giving something to eat and drink. Her lips are filled with sores and she told Mnguni that she has been sick for two months and claims that despite going to the clinic she has not been able to get better.

Mnguni promised everyone who was sick with “HIV, Diabetes, cancer and whatever” that they would be ‘healed.’

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Below are the words of the controversial pastor:

It is that time again, where we partake from our Father’s table without asking no question.

Apostle Paul said it clearly; eat without asking no question (1 Corinthians 10)

People who ask questions, before they eat in the Lord’s table, become partakers with demons.

In fact people who ask where is this meat coming from?
It’s a sign that they have never believed in God.

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Jesus Christ said, it is not what you eat that makes you unclean, rather it is because of your heart.

Many people are quick to abstain from certain food simply because the law tells them that it is unclean food; simply because they do not know that it is because of their evil hearts.

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So lf Christ died for us why should we choose certain meat for food and begin to abstain from other food.
Then lt means Christ died in vain for the Law is still bringing/raising questions in your heart.

More religious centres are springing up in the country and taking advantage of gullible people who are poor and desperate for help.


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