South Africa: A Serious Case of Stockholm Syndrome


South Africa: A Serious Case of Stockholm Syndrome

At the heart of the ongoing Nhlanhla Nene saga is the illusion that because he did not sign the Nuclear Deal which was going to cost South Africa trillions of Rands; he is therefore a saint, whose only sin was to meet the criminals that have Captured our State (only four times, instead of two, as Nene made us believe).

This is tantamount to a gang of (Black) teenage rapists, after having forced themselves on the local preacher’s daughter (their most recent victim, since having raped almost every female in the neighbourhood).

One of them who usually wears cheap glasses, has a fake nerdy disposition (perhaps to disarm uncritical, unthinking victims like desperate South Africans), asks for the community’s forgiveness after having been at the reported rape scene (four times), fervently watching his comrades viciously rip this young woman apart as though driven by African demons.

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Yet because there is no physical evidence that implicates him in the rape, he is therefore more than worthy of our forgiveness (indeed we should always forgive); but is he worthy of South Africa’s amnesia and remaining in office as our finance minister as a result?

What else can be expected from a country that prides itself on a Democracy that has been founded upon unforgivable Treason, Failure, and Corruption? Of course we are going to jump and yell “how high” at whoever tells us to, just as long as their hands are not as bloody as those that have appointed him?

I mean, so what if Nene’s white silk gloves are stained? So what if his hands have been contaminated by eating the same Forbidden Fruit (ANC Criminality – State Capture), that leads to the inevitable destruction of South Africa?

We South Africans are no different from the angry communities that take justice into their own hands, and punish the obvious criminal by burning them, and “forgiving” the one we believe “seems” less likely to even dare to do such a gruesome crime (raping the preachers daughter and many other women in the community).

This is despite both being part of the same gang and were both present as active participants at the said crime.

Is it not obvious by now that anything or anyone that has the ANC emblem on it is bound to bring about the same misery, corruption, oppression and destruction that we all foolishly thought we had conquered in 1994?

Instead, just like the now deteriorating Syrupy Cyril Mania, all we do as South Africans is embrace the same ANC devils as saints just because they change costumes every now and then!

We are so desperate for some (economic) stability that we scratch every time an ANC parasite bites us and think somehow the Malaria it purposefully infects us with will not be as deadly as the TB that we enjoy everyday as a result of living in dire poverty due to Failed ANC socio-economic policy.

Our attitudes should by now be geared towards relentlessly pronouncing ANC Uselessness (which cannot be forgiven or even be forgotten) and compelling fellow South Africans to realize that there are no saints within the ANC, only devils that seek to impoverish us and destroy our beloved country.

At least this is all we know – that as long as the ANC is in power, the economic Armageddon we think Nene has “saved” us from has been going on since 1994, is taking place right now under Syrupy Cyril (have you seen the price of fuel lately?) and will continue to wither us whether or not the Rand “declines” after Nene’s official resignation.

I tell you, even if ANC policy were to be headed by Nelson Mandela, fresh from Hades, endowed with more supernatural powers than before; it would still yield the same Failure (or even more) that has characterized ANC governance for the past 23 years.

The only difference now would be that the “Savior” finally descended upon us for the second time, but Failed Again, to redeem South Africa from her own self-made Abyss!

Vuka Mzantsi!

The Enemy is right under your noses and has already stolen more than what you regard as a Future.


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