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South Africa ranked world’s sixth ‘drunkest’ country by WHO

These latest ranking is  not unconnected to drunk-driving and numerous unnecessary accidents.

South Africa has been ranked as the sixth drunkest country in the world, according to a report by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Despite a heavy sin tax levy on alcohol, South Africans who indulge in tipple tend to do so excessively, according to the 2018 WHO Global Status report.

Back in 2017, an international survey found that South Africa also had the highest number of drunk driving incidents.

Alcohol remains a killer on the country’s roads, and despite government proposals to curb drinking holes, taverns continue to flourish.

The latest WHO report noted that only 31% of adults reported drinking alcohol in the last year. However, it’s the extent of consumption that’s problematic.

The World Health Organisation states that lesser amounts of alcohol are far less dangerous than binging.
This is because the liver can process smaller amounts of alcohol much easier.
WHO uses a scale of one to five in order to rank a country’s risky drinking patterns, with one being the lowest. Only Russia and Ukraine scored five.

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