“Taking land from white farmers is going to be horrible”. Man tells Ramaphosa

I think this thing of taking the land from white farmers is going to be a horrible,,, remember ANC stole money from all government parastatetals like Prasa, Eskom, Telcom, SAA and the latest is SABC, if they took over well functioning companies like that to the ground and to bankruptcy, what is going to happen to agriculture now,, people we are heading for starvation.

I think white farmers should be left alone to do what they know most,, which is farming,,,, look at mining they have also ran it to bankrupt, when Mandela took over as president a rand was two rand against the dollar, when mbeki went for second term it was seven rand against the dollar Zuma came then it was disaster, what I’m saying is this black and white thing is going to kill our country, my opinion is let us live together and all make contributions to our land, black white coloured Indian no matter colour of skin, if we can live this race card and everybody do their part it will be good for our country, I’m scared because it seems in the next 50 years we will be Zimbabwe, my opinion….

Sipho Sipho


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