Teacher who took photograph of her students,humiliated, may never teach again

As the controversy and pressure continue to build up, the school teacher who has endured tantrums  and humiliation by from different quarters has come out in a press conference to give her side of the misconstrued photo.

The North West teacher  spoken in defence of her name and the children she teaches.

Elana Barkhuizen, the teacher at the centre of the racism storm at a North West primary school, has released a statement about the viral photo that led to her suspension.

At a joint press conference with Solidarity on Tuesday, where they announced their intention to fight her suspension, Barkhuizen read the prepared speech.

Barkhuizen was suspended on Thursday January 10 after a photo showing four black children sitting at a separate table behind a door, away from white pupils in their Grade R class at Laërskool Schweizer-Reneke, went viral.

The school last week dismissed any allegations of discrimination or racism at the school.

Trade union Solidarity said the suspension was illegal, and said it would take legal action to have it lifted as a matter of urgency.

Read Barkhuizen’s full statement here:

Fighting back tears as she read out a statement in Pretoria on Tuesday, Elana Barkhuizen told a media conference that she was a “good teacher”

.“I am Elana Barkhuizen. I am a mother. I am a woman. I am a teacher.

“People who know me say I am a good teacher. People who know me fight to have their children in my class. People who know me know that I put my whole heart into my work for my learners,” she said.

Barkhuizen was suspended last week after photographs went viral on social media showing four black grade R children sitting separately from their white Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke classmates on their first day of school.

The children were in the class of a fellow teacher, with Barkhuzien taking the photographs for a parents-teacher WhatsApp group.

Declining to take questions because of looming legal action to have her suspension lifted, Barkhuizen read out a statement saying that she was determined to clear her name.

“I will walk this path, and win. I am a good teacher. Since I can remember, it has been my dream to teach small children. It is often a thankless profession, but I am paid in smiles, kisses and hugs.

“My job is not politics, but teaching.”

Asking people not to feel sorry for her, Barkhuizen said she would fight to ensure that what had happened to her would never happen to any other teacher.

“I owe it to my own class, my colleagues and every child in South Africa who needs good teachers. We dare not allow these people who have spread hate to create doubt in teachers’ minds. Teachers are perhaps the only source of love and support for so many children, and teachers are some of the most important figures in children’s lives.

“I will not allow that those children are deprived of good teachers.

“I will not allow that teachers will need to continuously walk on eggshells in order for a divisive hate gang to be satisfied.”

Barkhuizen said  she had no idea of the motivation of people who tried to ruin her life.

“A photograph I took of a class full of happy, smiling children on their first day of school was used by opportunists against my children, against me, and against my school.”

The result was “traumatised children crying and looking at me for consolation and me trying to calm them down while my life is being destroyed”.

“… I had to stand and watch powerlessly as I was being judged from a stage. I had to endure insults and I was told that I may never teach again. I had to watch how people who have never met me tell me that they know exactly who I am.

“I will not be told what my worth is by people who do not know me. I will embark on this journey. I will clear my name. I will take on these people with power and I shall win.

“I am also not alone. Thank you to all – black and white in my community and nationally – who sent me a message or a prayer.”


One thought on “Teacher who took photograph of her students,humiliated, may never teach again”

  1. The influential individuals and their henchmen whose whole purpose in life it is, to spread racial hatred in South Africa seem to have the upperhand at the moment. Their reasons are politically motivated and their bosses probably don’t even reside in Africa. If you look at some of the individuals, they are highly intelligent and therefor know that their actions are causing irreparable harm to SA and it’s people, especially the poor, but that does not matter to them because that is their ultimate goal in any case. The ANC led government is too scared to keep these people in check because that might hamper their chanceS at the next elections. SA is going into a downward spiral which is going to be hard to stop.

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