Pupil in tears after being threatened by they would “kill whites when they grow up”

A woman shared a comparative story to that of the North West school occurrence about prejudice in schools and how black guardians show their children to despise white individuals.

I was living abroad for over 13 years and my 7-year-old child, who is white, used to go to a worldwide school and his fellow students were from the UK, US, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Canada and China.

He never encountered any separation. Eight months back, we moved to Cape Town.

I enlisted my little boy at a preschool in Strand and within seven days my child returned home and disclosed to me that his black schoolmates had revealed to him that they hated white individuals and when they grew up, they would purchase weapons and kill white individuals.

I was stunned, as these youngsters are only five to six years of age and how on Earth do they realize how to despise different races except if their parents instructed them?

I revealed the episode to the school head, however nothing occurred.

As an outcome of this episode, I needed to remove my child from school as he had never encountered this treatment abroad. Totally astonishing to see this sort of conduct in our schools and being instructed to our kids by their parents.


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