‘The Apartheid Torch Carried By The ANC, Continues To Bewitch Black South Africans’


‘The Apartheid Torch Carried By The ANC, Continues To Bewitch Black South Africans’

The reason this country can never heal is that we keep public holidays that always remind people of a BAD past. This is so we can continue hating and killing each other, as the politicians benefit from this. If they really sympathised with the people affected by the Sharpville Massacre they would find them, negotiate with them and help them in any way they can. Without making a lot of noise and hatred filled statements like the one Malema made yesterday.

No sane Black person who knows what happened on that day and many others like it is likely to forget it. But do we have to stand on podiums every year and reopen wounds just so people can never reconcile and live peacefully? In what way does it benefit this country to have such holidays?

Lastly, why are we not having a public holiday on the day more than 40 people were killed while protesting for salary increases at Marikana? Or almost 150 mentally ill patients were killed by the ANC government in the Esidimeni tragedy? What is the difference between that and those?
Is it more acceptable to be killed by the AÑC government than by the apartheid regime? Murder is just that. The pot cannot criticise the kettle while they are both sitting on the same open fire.

I am tired of this country’s open Black apartheid which keeps the lives of all citizens at risk, but always finds a way of blaming White apartheid. While they went to talk shit at Sharpville yesterday, we were left in the dark without electricity to ensure our lives and those of our families carried on. And instead of collecting buckets of shit and throwing them in those asshole’s faces, the people of Sharpville sat there meekly and swallowed all that racist garbage.

Hungry, unemployed people who are constantly rejected by the same government when applying for loans to start-up their own businesses to support themselves. They just sit there and listen to Ramaphosa and Malema.

The ANC has bewitched Black people. They have turned them to brainless zombies.

Why are they allowing this?

Mirriam Jass


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