‘The Majority of Black South Africans Have No Interest in Farming’


We have always avoided this issue ever since it was made fashionable to date. I am of the opinion that most black people are not interested in farming land in particular young people. I believe the most contentious issue in the Land debate is the urban land.

People want pieces of land so that they can comfortably settle in urban areas. If you look at vast hectares of farming land in the rural areas that remain unused it bears enough testimony to my claim about young black people not interested in farming.

If you look at majority of the rural areas most people who ventures into farming are subsistence livestock farmer. Despite our wish for black people to be given land, tampering with agricultural can endanger food security. I know there are a few black farmers who are doing well however we cannot turn a blind eye to the majority of our people who show no interest in farming.

Makhalema Moses Makhalema



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