“The white man hates the idea of equality”. Malema tells black professionals.

“The white man hates the idea of equality”, EFF leader Julius Malema told a gathering of black professionals in Sandton on Friday.

“They hate the EFF, not because we have guns, but because we speak the language of equality and they hate that. They view us as sub-human and they will not live among sub-humans.

“When you empower sub-humans that is a threat to white supremacy, they will disappear,” he said to a rousing applause.

“A working-class white man and a working-class black man do not speak the same language, and that is because at the centre of every division in South Africa is race. As long as we have not resolved the race question, you can forget about that.

“I will pull the race card every time, I am not even ashamed of that. That is why we called a meeting of black professionals,” Malema said at the Sandton Convention Centre on Friday.

“This basically prepares us to be a proper government when we take over. We shouldn’t be like a liberation movement that has inherited over 300 apartheid legislation that [is] still in effect in government,” deputy chairperson Floyd Shivambu told the gathering.

Malema assured professionals that taking out the white system would then follow automatically because “the white man hates the idea of equality”.


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