This man tried to sodomise her 2-year-old daughter in a public pack, when her mom pounced on him

The heartlessness of rapist is seriously reprehensible and disgusting. A brave mother had to summon the strength to save her baby from the monster.

As parents it’s a given that we would do anything to protect our children.

When we’re out with them playing, they never leave our sight as we’re assessing everyone and everything that gets near them.

There are places where us parents can often take a couple of minutes’ break while our children play, such as an enclosed play area.

But for one Kansas City mom she would experience a terrifying situation when she let her 2-year-old daughter explore a nearby play area.

Out for an afternoon of fun, this Kansas mother did as many others do and found herself a quiet spot to sit nearby and watch her children as they were let loose on the playground.

The mom was sitting happily in Kemp Park, Kansas City, watching her 2-year-old girl playing on a swing.

But she wouldn’t be able to relax as soon after she would be running to save her daughter from a horrific attack.

She told police she noticed a man “eyeballing” her daughter, according to court documents obtained by the Kansas City Star.

The concerned mother kept a close eye on the man, but nothing could have prepared her for what she would soon witness, as terror unfolded right before her eye.

She said that the man then walked up to her daughter, lifting her from the swing. He then pulled down the girl’s diaper, pulled down his pants and thrusted his hips.

The mom saw the horror unfold and sprinted toward him to save her daughter.

Got on top of him and hit him

Police said the girl’s mother ran at Bates and knocked him to the ground, pummeling him with her fists while he was down.


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